Who is Matteo Pescarin

Matteo Pescarin, self-portrait

Matteo got his passion for art thanks to his father and grandmother, who introduced him to traditional painting techniques such as pencil, ink, watercolour and oil. Later in his life, he had the opportunity to expand his interests with the use of traditional media techniques such as airbrush, acrylics and ink brushes.

During his earlier years, he became passionate about comics and illustrations by famous Italian authors like Bonvi (creator of Sturmtruppen), Disegni e Caviglia (creators of Cattivik) and Silver (creator of Lupo Alberto), as well as international ones such as Quino (creator of Mafalda and various saritical strips), Moebius (illustrator of The Incal, written by Alejandro Jodorowski), Hugo Pratt (creator of Corto Maltese), Akira Toriyama (creator of Dragon Ball) and Katsuhiro Otomo (creator of Akira).

In 2008 Matteo returned to pixelart, one of the forms of digital art that got him engaged in the graphic world when he first owned a Commodore Amiga in the early nineties.

Although he decided to pursue a career on scientific studies and got a degree in Computer Science at the University of Bologna, from where he graduated in 2009, he continuously brings back his passion for graphic arts into both his work and his spare time creations.

Even though the majority of the works developed since year 2000 have been mostly digital, he also creates pieces made in traditional media, to which he incorporates digital retouch or reworks them completely in digital format using Open Source tools such as Krita GIMP, Inkscape and GrafX2. These digital works are mostly composed of vector-based illustrations and raster drawings.

Artworks rights

All the artworks are subject to Creative Commons BY-NC-ND v4 license, which means that if you want to use any of the works in print or digital format you can, provided I have been credited and no profit has been made through it, either by selling or displaying it. No alterations can be made without explicit consent.


If you want to collaborate on any digital or physical medium or re-elaborate any of the images without infringing any rights, please just contact me. I'll be happy to reply.

Buying and enquiring for prints

Some artworks are in stock and available to buy on a very limited amount of prints, sometimes just one off. These artworks are labelled. The payment can be done using either PayPal, Bank Transfer or crypto coins. Please contact me for further enquiries, receive a quote and organise the shipping. Please remember to specify the artwork you are interested into.

All the artworks on this website are most of the times scaled-down versions of larger works. If you are interested in a quote for a print, contact me. I will personally overview the printing process and communicate the details of the prints and additional expenses for delivery which are included in the quote.

The prices regarding delivery will be available on the quote.